Inside this package, you will find a fine white powder that lloks like (duh?) cornstarch or flour. [] Add about 3/4 a cup of cold water to 1/4 cup of this white powdered laundry starch, (mix with the tips of your fingers in a saucepan to remove any lumps), and then quickly pour on about a kettleful of BOILING water until you see the color change from white to opaque. Take it to your washer and add it to your rinse water. When the clothes have spun out, hang them to dry (Do NOT use the clothes dryer). Sprinkle the clothes lightly with water to activate the starch and then iron when barely damp. This will produce medium to moderately heavy starch in dress shirts, napkins, etc. The nice part about adding the starch mixture during the rinse cycle is that it distributes itself evenly in each layer of fabric --- thus, things that need to be heavily starched like collars and cuffs get a double dose because they are two layers thick. Try this at least once to get an idea of what laundry was like in the 1940s.


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