The last three x-ray problems have been solved by using penetrating energyother than x-rays, such as radio and sound waves. DSP plays a key role in allthese techniques. For example, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) usesmagnetic fields in conjunction with radio waves to probe the interior of thehuman body. Properly adjusting the strength and frequency of the fields causethe atomic nuclei in a localized region of the body to resonate between quantumenergy states. This resonance results in the emission of a secondary radiowave, detected with an antenna placed near the body. The strength and othercharacteristics of this detected signal provide information about the localizedregion in resonance. Adjustment of the magnetic field allows the resonanceregion to be scanned throughout the body, mapping the internal structure. Thisinformation is usually presented as images, just as in computed tomography. Besides providing excellent discrimination between different types of softtissue, MRI can provide information about physiology, such as blood flowthrough arteries. MRI relies totally on Digital Signal Processing techniques,and could not be implemented without them.


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