"Cousin Elizabeth, you have a letter from Cousin Jane again today. This is the third one in a week." He turned from Elizabeth to face his wife, "My dear, I am going to walk over to Rosings once more today to make sure that Lady Catherine is all right. Even though she must be overjoyed at her daughter's soon-to-be-announced betrothal to Mr. Darcy, I am very quite concerned about her despondency. The noble Lady remains so depressed by the departure of her beautiful offspring and highborn nephews that she still refuses to see anyone. I am positive that my wise counsel and cheerful conversation would improve her spirits, if only she would allow me to visit with her. I am confident that as soon as she allows me to counsel and condole with her, she will reconcile herself to the absence of her elegant daughter, and to focus only onto her joy in the coming nuptials." Animated by the idea of his own indispensability, he left the room with a spring in his step.


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