It is most important to begin with this axiom because it goes to show that not only is it possible to have a single theoretical model of Intercultural Communication, but perhaps a necessary result of such speculation.
Axiom 2
This axiom states that judgments of competence are subject to several systemic conditions.
An Axiom is a statement or proposition that is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.
Axioms for a Theory of Intercultural Communication Competence
The Axioms
1: People are more similar across cultures than they are different
2: Judgement of competence are subject t several systemic conditions
3: Competence is judgment
4: Competence is evaluated most universally in terms of, "quality."
5: Competence judgments are related to skills
6:Competence judgments are related to knowledge and skill
7: People, not cultures, interact
2.1: Equifinality
This meaning that requardless of the circumstance the same final state can be reached from different conditions and in different ways
2.2: Multifinality
Multifinality is a direct contrast to equifinality.


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