more or less believe the as it is handed down to the Imperium's citizens -- the Emperor is a god, the dark forces of the Warp are unutterably evil, and , and must not be tolerated. Furthermore they tend to believe in maintaining the status quo of the Imperium, since it is the instrument of the Emperor's will. Puritans are mostly young and full of fire, eager to prove themselves to their peers and their Emperor by hunting down mankind’s traditional foes and preserving the stability of the Imperium. Many Acolytes also share this zeal, particularly as they are often at the sharp end of any engagement with cultists, mutants and other such scum. Even if he does not entirely agree with this view of the Imperium, an Inquisitor will often encourage Puritan ideals within his servants, knowing that they will expedite the task of rooting out corruption with great gusto.


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