Almost everyone has heard "hacker", the one who does hacking. But what's the meaning of hacking on earth? For a simpler perception, hacking is similar to trespassing []. Trespass has been a kind of crime for a long history. The statutes of criminal trespass are designed to protect the sanctity and privacy of real estate, including land and building on land, by preventing people from going where they have no right to enter. Since computer is a kind of property, hacking is analogous to trespassing on one's real estate. In trespass, the person(s) is(are) seriously restricted, who can legally enter onto or into real property, such as land, building and so on; while in hacking, the person(s) is(are) seriously restricted, who can legally use computer technology. The following content includes two latest researches on hacking. Notice that the purpose of these researches is to find existing issues or exploits in cyberspace rather than to commit crimes, so they may be potentially used by professional criminals if the issues these researches have revealed are not still solved in the future.


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