This assignment requires you to critically compare Jung and Freud on any aspect of their work. For example, you could examine their differences (or similarities) in the structure of the psyche, perspective on libido, the nature of dreams, etc. Or you could also choose an art form (eg movie, painting, music, prose, poetry etc) and write a Freudian and a Jungian analysis of the work. The length should be a maximum of 10 double-spaced pages (excluding references). Ensure your paper begins with a clear statement of what you intend to argue. Use appropriate headings to help structure your paper. Ensure that your argument and evidence are coherent and are linked to the main goal of your essay- be careful that you do not go off on tangents and include interesting, but irrelevant, information. You should include a conclusion, summary or synthesis that provides the reader an overall evaluation of what you have argued in the paper.


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