Chicago mobster Mike “the devil” Genna (28) shot and killed by police
Meanwhile, the drive-by limousine, which contained Genna gunmen Mike "the devil" Genna at the wheel and Scalise and Anselmi on guns in the back seat, speeded down the street and almost sideswiped an unmarked police car carrying Irish American police detective Michael Conway, rookie William Sweeny, officer Charles Walsh and another officer, Harold Olson. Recognizing Mike Genna, the policemen gave chase through the city streets at 70 miles an hour, finally overtaking the gangsters' limousine after it smashed into a telephone pole. The three gangsters hopped out of the car, shotguns in hand. The squad car pulled up a few seconds later and Detective Conway leaped out and was cut down first. Next the hoodlums killed Walsh and Olson, leaving only the rookie cop, Sweeny unwounded to shoot it out. Sweeny covered himself behind the squad car and fired several shots at the gangsters who fired back and then fled across an empty field. Sweeny gave chase. Anselmi and Scalise disappeared into a nearby alley, leaving their boss Mike Genna alone to shoot it out with the Detective Sweeny. Out of breath, Genna stopped and turned on the oncoming cop and raised his shotgun and pulled the trigger only to find both barrels empty. Sweeny fired off a blast into Genna's leg and the bullet lodged in a main artery. He died a few minutes later. Anselmi and Scalise were arrested a short time later, trying to escape on a railroad car.


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