Pope Innocence III was opposed at first. On the other hand, many cardinals thought that the existing religious orders needed to be reformed, that new ones were not needed, and that the new manner of understanding poverty could not be practiced. Rome did not want to approve this community because it seemed too rigid in reference to poverty, but at the end a cardinal said, “We cannot prohibit them from living how Christ established it in the Gospel.” They received the approval and they returned to Assisi to live in poverty, prayer, holy happiness, and great fraternity, together next to the church in the Porziuncula. Cardinal John Colonna argued in favor of Francis and thought that his rule expressed the same counsels the Gospel used to exhort others to perfection. Later on, the Pope recounted to his nephew, who in turn told Saint Bonaventure, that he had seen in his dreams a palm tree that grew rapidly and afterwards, he had seen Francis holding with his body the basilica of Saint John Lateran that was about to fall down. Five years later, the same Pope would have a similar dream about Saint Dominic. Innocence III ordered that Francis be called and verbally approved his rule; he then conferred the tonsure upon him along with his companions and gave them as a mission to preach penance.


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