No Pharisee, however wily and severe, could have surpassed Satan on thisoccasion; he reproached Jesus with having been the cause of the massacre of the Innocents,as well as of the sufferings of his parents in Egypt, with not having saved John theBaptist from death, with having brought disunion into families, protected men ofdespicable character, refused to cure various sick persons, injured the inhabitants ofGergesa by permitting men possessed by the devil to overturn their vats,* and demons tomake swine cast themselves into the sea; with having deserted his family, and squanderedthe property of others; in one word Satan, in the hopes of causing Jesus to waver,suggested to him every thought by which he would have tempted at the hour of death anordinary mortal who might have performed all these actions without a superhuman intention;for it was hidden from him that Jesus was the Son of God, and he tempted him only as themost just of men.


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