In, “As I lay dying”, Faulkner portrays religion in a very modern light. Taking up biblical references and mashing them into his own work. For instance, there are two figures in the story that would be deemed as “Christ like” figures, Cora and the Reverend. The characters in this story are not left without religion; they are left to explore their own beliefs through Faulkner’s magnifying glass. The bible does play a major influence on the book itself, hinting references here and there. Many characters are portrayed as sinners who are looking for a way out. Faulkner draws heavily from the bible fore themes and symbols, both from Old and New Testaments. There are ways that Faulkner incorporates modern religion into this complex book, through characters willingly admitting their sins aloud for all to hear. Many critics stress how valuable religion is in the book itself, how it stores a house full of symbols, and it is indeed a framework for other authors of their time. Faulkner considers this a teaching, a new teaching of Biblical teachings.


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