46. The 46th, how when Troy was besieged Priam sent two sons of Hektor, Oxynios and Skamandros, to Lydia for safety. When Ilion was taken, Aineias the son of Anchises and Aphrodite, escaping the Achaians, first settled Ida, but when Oxynios and Skamandros came from Lydia and claimed the lands around Ilion as their ancestral portion, he took his father Anchises and as many of his fellow refugees as he could and set out toward the sunset in accordance with the injunction of Aphrodite. So he crossed the Hellespont and when he came to the Thermaic gulf Anchises died and he buried him, and he, when the locals asked him to be their king, did not accept. Then he came to the land of Brousias. He charmed everyone he met thanks to the favor of Aphrodite. There, when the cow that had followed him from Ida bellowed (for this was what Aphrodite ordained) he took command of the land the locals gave him and sacrificed the cow to Aphrodite and built the city which then was Aineia from the founder but later by alteration of the name was called Ainos. So this is one account told by the Greeks among many others. The other, which makes him the origin of the Roman race and the founder of Alba, where the oracle permits him to settle when he and his companions have sacrificed and after eating the food then eat the tables, this one is very old and stale.


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