The Nazis kept detailed records of every individual selected for death at the camps, but we can be sure that today's records of those victimized by stealth euthanasia are always falsified to reflect a natural death. The patient's diagnosed condition (or an improvised diagnosis) is listed as the cause of death. "Stealth euthanasia" is never listed as the cause of death. Morphine overdose or terminal sedation is almost never listed as the cause of death. In today's Invisible Holocaust, stealth euthanasia has and will result in the murders of unknowable numbers of the vulnerable, because they are killed in separate locations, by separate people, and the killings are hidden behind the privacy regulations in place. The staff who perpetrate these crimes falsify the medical records to justify whatever method was used to hasten death. I estimate that easily over 100,000 vulnerable patients may be hastened to their death through a variety of means each year in the United States alone.


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