Dying quickly without awareness and dying after a long illness canboth be less tragic because they are not necessarily opposites of eachother, but opposites of "being aware of dying when you are not readyfor it" and sometimes opposites of dying from painful death. Of course, one might suffer a painful death even at the end of a long illness,and one might never have come to terms with his/her death even though theillness gave one ample opportunity to do so and to get one's effects inorder. In such cases, the long illness makes one's death more tragic, notless. Death after a prolonged illness is only less tragic when the victim,because of the illness, has been able to "come to grips" with his/her deathand accept it with a kind of peace and understanding. Similarly, quickdeath is more tragic if it prevents someone who could come to grips withhis/her own death from doing so.


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